Stock suspension are build to suit the average rider with an average speed, average age, average style, average approach of life, and bike type.
Unfortunately (or luckily – lol ) we are all different freaks: we think different, we ride different, we eat different, we live different and we ride a different bike.
We doubt stock suspension from factory suit your ride at best potential unless if you are extremely lucky, and so we stronlgy encourage all riders to get the benefits of a taillored suspension!

Suspension are nowadays quite complex inside: air springs with adjustable compression curve, damping cartridges with hi-low speed circuits, hydraulic bottom outs and much more!

Tailloring a suspension could be both just tweaking the outside knobs and / or working inside the suspension to re-shim, and any other modification to improve the performance and suit your ride style/needs.

If your ride style can’t be matched to one of these our pre-tested tuning sheets we start a new project just for yourself.

some of the components that we usually tweak during a tailloring job are:
air side volumes
air side frictions
air side triple chamber installation / adjustment(AWK system)
damping oil
damping/Rebound Shims
damping pistons(Andreani tuning set)
bottom out systems
shock bushings
shock IFP pressure / height
and….a lot more!

get a taillored suspension now, improve your fun on the trails, with much more safety and less….fatigue!

Tuning is not only for Racers,but also for your E-bike it makes a big difference!